How do I learn TM?
Learning Transcendental Meditation is a 7-step program

1. Introductory lecture – an overview of the effects of Transcendental Meditation (1 hour)

2. Preparatory lecture – how Transcendental Meditation works (1 hour)

3. Personal interview with the TM Teacher (15 minutes)

4. Personal instruction into Transcendental Meditation (1 hour)

5. First meeting after personal instruction – consolidation of the TM practice (1.5 hours)

6. Second meeting after personal instruction – deepening of the understanding of the TM practice (1.5 hours)

7. Third meeting after personal instruction – a vision of the goal of regular TM practice (1.5 hours)

The three follow-up meetings take place on the three consecutive days following the personal instruction. This means, for learning TM one needs to have time for 1 to 1.5 hours each day on four consecutive days. Usually, the personal instruction into Transcendental Meditation takes place on a Sunday, with the three follow-up meetings being on Monday, Tuesday, and Wednesday evening. However, we can also adjust the teaching schedule to your personal needs.

After completing the 7-step course for learning TM, one is able to practice Transcendental Meditation on one’s own, independent of a teacher. However, there is always the possibility to have one’s meditation practice being checked by a TM Teacher and to join weekly group meditations and advanced lectures, all this at no extra charge.

TM Course fee in Georgia

The course fee in Georgia for learning Transcendental Meditation is 500 Lari for everyone between the age of 25 and 60. The course fee for everyone up to the age of 25 and older than 60 is 250 Lari.

Please click here for a brief introduction to our TM Teachers in Tbilisi.